When you call, you're not going to have to press 1 for this or 2 for that. Whoever greets you at the door, answers the phone, or your email, or your text, or your Facebook inquiry, or your LinkedIn question, or perhaps your smoke signals, can help with any question you have. We all have our specialties, but most importantly, we're all here for you. So, how can we help?  


Rhonda Ginsburg...People Artist & co-owner
While a People Artist might sound a bit silly, the sensitivity of creating an atmosphere for people to be themselves & relax is why people keep coming back time and again. When children are involved, even the fussy or energetic ones, Rhonda is the one they know they can come to for comfort. Essentially, she is everyone’s second mom…but without “time-out”.

An artist by nature, along with a B.A. degree in Commercial Art, she has over 24 years experience in designing portraits, albums and custom-framing to compliment Alex’s images. If all of this were not enough, she handles all of the studio’s back office. So, if you have any questions, she might be just the person you need.

Alex Ginsburg...Portrait Artist & co-owner
Even if your session feels laid-back, casual or sometimes a bit like you’re just goofing-off with Alex, you should not mistake having fun, with a lack of artistic craftsmanship. One look at his images will convince you of his distinctive insights into color and light. His visual imagination and passion for those in front of his lens, contribute to his ability to capture the soul of his subject and the spirit of the moment. His sessions can easily take a sharp twist & turn when new ideas pop up. Buckle up! Your session could be an interesting ride.

Alex is best when working with kids and families. It’s common that children prefer to stay and play rather than go home.

As a Master Photographer, Alex also holds his Craftsman degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) as well as his TN Certified Degree. He has received many local, regional and national photography awards including the Fuji Masterpiece and Kodak Gallery Award, but is happiest when creating award –winning portraits for you, rather than professional judges. He has been published in magazines and has traveled teaching the craft to other professional photographers.