restoration: OLD PHOTOGRAPHS brought back to LIFE

Whether it's a family heirloom, or will be one day, we can restore the beauty of your damaged, discolored, torn or fading photographs or artwork.  Let us preserve the memories of re-creating a new piece to look just like when the original was brand new. That's what photo restoration is all about.  

Your piece can be enhanced by adding or altering color, changing size or by printing on unique specialty surfaces to coordinate with your home decor.

Your original photographs or artwork remain safely in the studio. We do not ship your originals out of town like other vendors who advertise photo restoration.

Restoration Process:

  1) High Resolution scan or copy--We capture as much detail as possible from your original so that all of it's original beauty can be restored.

  2) Restoration & Creative artwork--This is when the magic happens.  Skilled artisans work on digital files (not your original) to clean, remove flaws, and enhance the image.  Sometimes we have to replace missing parts of the image that are damaged, or simply not there anymore.  Finally we will add any enhancements such as color or specialized creative artwork to make your piece everything you may wish.

  3) Archival Printing--We use the finest museum-quality materials to be sure that your portraits or artwork last for decades to come.  Finished work can be any size that makes sense to your needs.  It does not have to be the same size as your original.