• Signature--We're proud of our work and treat each image as a true piece of artwork, hence, all prints will be signed (usually in the lower right corner).  
  • Missed Sessions--When a session is scheduled, that block of time is set aside just for you.  Unless a session has been cancelled at least 48 hours in advance, you will still be responsible for session fees. We will do our absolute best to accomodate any rescheduling changes needed.
  • Digital file policy--Our reputation, our commitment to you, and frankly, our livelihood, comes from the delivery of the finest quality portrait images possible.  We understand how important these images are to you. That said, we keep all digital files of images that you’ve purchased, archived for at least 3 years. We realize many of you want to show off your children and family so we make webFiles available.  WebFiles are digital files formatted for the web and social media uses.  We encourage you to have fun sending them to all of your friends and family.  They will contain the studio logo &/or copyright.  These are not printable files.  WebFiles will be complimentary from images ordered from our Wall-size selections, and, $45 from images that are purchased in our Accent or Table-top sizes.
  • Deposit--We require 50% of the total order to start production.  Balance due within 30 days of notification that your order is ready for pickup.
  • Non-payment Late Fees--30 days after notifying you that your work is ready for pick up, a $30 per month storage fee will be added to the balnce unless a payment plan has been agreed to by the studio.  Delinquent orders after 60 days will be turned over to collections.  Client is responsible for collection and legal fees.
  • Copyright--By federal law, you may not copy or scan images or duplicate digital files without the consent of the studio.  We do not release the rights to our images if the studio can produce the product, otherwise, there will be an appropriate fee charged for the intended use.  Commercial digital files may be used only for the use for which they were purchased.
  • Group Portrait Minimum--We request the ordering of a Wall Portrait size (16x20 or larger) from sessions with 5 or more people in the image.  Smaller portraits containing 5 or more people, will incur a $15 per person retouching fee with a maximim charge of $45.