MASTER'S piece: The artistry of FINE-ART portraits

Real art makes you feel.  This can be quite good for the soul…although sometimes a bit unsettling.  Art might move you emotionally, sometimes outwardly and sometimes just in your own mind. Does the art YOU love allow you to feel happy, loved, comfortable and sentimental?  Maybe it speaks to your personality and is a bit whimsical or mischievous.  What do you want your art to say about, or, to you? 

A Master's Piece might take many forms.  We first start with a photographic image that appeals to you.  Then, as a portrait artist, Mr. Ginsburg will re-create your piece into a one-of-a-kind wall presentation.  The final appearance might have a painted brush stroke look, a watercolor with colors bleeding into each other, the feel of a 19th century Impressionist motif,  or oddly, more abstract.  The finished museum-quality print might be a canvas & frame, wrapped canvas, metal or fine-art Giclee' print, whatever is appropriate for your decor.  Your Master's Piece rivals any portrait painting and all at a fraction of what portrait painters demand. Best of all, the subjects in this Master's Piece still look like themselves and not some artist's interpretation.

This investment will certainly be your most prized piece of art in your home.